Introduction: Art Room Makeover

Use pallets and old doors to turn a loft storage room in to the perfect arts and craft space with plenty of storage.

Step 1: Clean Up the Mess!

Time to dejunk, lay flooring, and screw some 2x4 supports across the back wall about the height you want for the table.

Step 2: Cut 4 Pallets

Measure and cut 4 pallets down to height you want (same height as the 2x4 supports you screwed onto the wall)

Step 3: Find 2 Doors & Cut One in Half

Screw your four trimmed pallets in place (sorry didn't get a photo of this step). Two on the outside walls , and two about 3 feet in. The middle ones are screwed to the 2x4 brace at the back.

Cut one of your two doors in half (we had to trim one down a little, but the size of the room was almost perfect for two doors). Lay one door across the middle, and the two halves go at the ends.

Step 4: Screw Em' In!

Screw the doors in place into the 2x4 support and into the pallets with some nice long screws. We added a trim piece on the front to cover the underside of the doors and make it look a little thicker and more custom (green tinted part)

Putty, sand and paint your tabletop however you want.

Step 5: Slide in Some MDF Shelving.

Buy two sheets of MDF shelving, measure and cut so they fit between your pallet slats and slide-em in. Perfect size shelving for my clayboard panels.

Step 6: Paint the Door :)

(just for fun)...My door to the attic room is made out of leftover ceiling planking. Was going to be a temporary measure but I like it so much I think it will stay. Painted it to match the rest of the room with leftover paint from other rooms in the house.

Step 7: Enjoy!

A great space to sew, paint, work on my Scratchboard Art. The table is solid enough I can sit/stand on it easily. Just need to mount some permanent lighting, add some curtains for the windows and maybe some draw curtains eventually to hide the shelving. I'm a happy camper! Cost = about $30 for two MDF sheets and maybe 20 screws. Everything else was leftover or free.

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