Introduction: Art and Craft Activity: 3D Sheep

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3D Sheep

This activity is recommended to anyone who loves art and making beautiful objects. You can create a pretty cool 3D Sheep and place it on a platform or table for fond reminders. All you need to do is tear paper, stick, fold and apply a bit of glue. Good Luck!

The materials needed to make it is very simple:


Cotton wool

4 small pieces of straw

4 tooth picks

2 googly eyes

2 black ovals as ears

1 black face cut-out

Above, you will find a video tutorial showing the making of a 3D Sheep on a step-by-step basis. The video will make everything clear and simple.

Step 1: Complete the Face of the Sheep.

Paste the googly eyes on the big back face cut-out and then stick the

2 black ovals on either side. The ovals function as ears.

Step 2: Pick the Newspaper and Then Proceed to Tear It Into Small Pieces.

Soak these small pieces of paper in water for at least 1 hour.

Step 3: After an Hour...

Pick up the soaked pieces of paper and ball them up into an oval


Step 4: Stick 4 Toothpicks on All 4 Corners of One Side of the Oval Shaped Paper.

Apply glue all over the oval shaped body and then stick cotton wool

all over it.

Step 5: Once It Is Dry...

Apply glue on one shorter side of the body and stick the face

cut-out with googly eyes. Cover the toothpicks with paper.