Introduction: Art of Hornetry

School, boring school, why not make it a little more interesting with the lovly hornet! A hornet is a rubber band and a piece of paper etc. attached to it. You pull back, let go, and let it snap on the back of the victums neck (or anywhere else).

Step 1: Making and Using Hornets

Hornets are fun and simple school devises. Basically, you attach a folded up piece of paper or piece of metal to a rubber band, pull back, and aim at the back of someone's neck. It hurt like heck and are also good for firing long distances without inflicting as much pain. Here's what you need to make them:

Rubber bands
Index Cards
Paper Clips

Step 2: Making Lightweight Hornet Ammo

First, peel of a Post-It from the stack. Now fold it twice verticly and once horizontally. Mass produce them for shotgun ammo (I'll explain later). These lightweight hornet ammo are easy to make but don’t really sting and suck at long distance shots.

Step 3: Making Medium Weight Hornet Ammo

Take an index card and rip it into thirds. Take on of those thirds and fold it twice horizontally and once verticlly. Mass produce for shotgun ammo. Medium weighted hornet ammo is a little harder to make due to the thickness of the index card but pack a nice sting and fly a nice ways before curving out of control if shot.

Step 4: Making Heavy Weight Hornet Ammo

Bend a paper clip apart so it makes a 90-135 degree angle. Now bend the tips inward so the rubber band doesn't get caught and backfires giving you a red hand. Mass produce if you desire. These heavy weight hornet ammo stings like hell! Even though they seem hard to make and too heavy to fly, they can zip far distances and don’t curve.

Step 5: Snapping the Hornets

Position a rubber band on your thumb and middle finger and stretch it out. Now load the ammo by fitting it in the rubber band with the crease. Find a victim, pull back, and release!

Step 6: Snapping Hornet Pics

1. Single medium weight ammo
2. Multiple medium weight ammo (shotgun)
3. Single light weight ammo
4. Multiple light weight ammo (shotgun)
5. Single heavy weight ammo (multiples add to the chaos)

Step 7: Shooting Hornets

Use the same setup as snapping the hornets except lift your hand up and aim at the target.

Step 8: Shooting Hornet Pics

1. Single medium weight ammo
2. Multiple medium weight ammo (shotgun)
These scatter on impact if the rubber band is not "tight" and can be pulled back pretty far. Otherwise you'll have a mess of flying hornets across the room.
3.Single light weight ammo
A piece of crap. This just spins in the air and falls to the ground.
4.Multiple light weight ammo (shotgun)
This is a great scattering ammo. The extra post-its add weight and less curve. Takes a little practice and doesn't have the best range.
5.Single heavy weight ammo
When you see someone with this, you should be thinking "Oh, Snap". These this are fast and powerful. Multiples are extremely hard to load and don't do much except scatter on firing.