Art Shell Valve Stem Cap

Introduction: Art Shell Valve Stem Cap

- Some bolts, nuts.
- Super Gule
- Valve stem cap

There are some project tweak shell of valve stem cap. I want to do some thing more art, more custom on the shell. So, here we go!. Pick up some small bolts, nuts. You can use any material you want there are should be small, attach those bolts and nuts one by one to the valve stem using super gule.

Do you see my art shell like 2 beautiful follower with some stone around them?

You can do that with bike/motorcycle/car valve stem cap. I tried to run around 1 hour with my art shell stem cap on bike, all shell still alive after that. You can also paint bolts, nuts... with different color before attach them to the valve stem cap.

Remember, bring glove when you do that. Super Glue is not good for your skin.

Enjoy your day,

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    Pretty obvious move w/ the glue. I might solder something, maybe with some gears & cogs, even watch hands on it for a steampunk look, but this sparked that idea so I definitely can't knock it.