Introduction: Artful Elegance Afghan

About: I love to knit. I love doing most domestic things: cooking and sewing being a wife and mother. I love to camp and swim and go boating in summer so winter is mostly about spending time indoors knitting, craft…

I started this afghan in January and then took up other quick knit projects in between. I recently picked it up to work on it again when my Mother and Father were on vacation and had an unfortunate accident. Fortunately my Dad was not hurt but my Mom was hurt pretty bad and was flown to Memphis Hospital were I had to travel from my home here in Indiana. I took this project with me and worked on it the whole time I was there. I will forever remember making this blanket while dealing with the situation my Mother was in. Fortunately she will be okay and I know that those days sitting and waiting at the hospital were eased by knitting my blanket which seemed to give me some mental peace and calmness during all the madness. I think my sisters thought I was a little nutty because I just sat and knitted in between my visits in the ICU with our Mom.

The pattern for this blanket was purchased off the Lion Brand Website for under $3.00. I used Lion Brand wool ease. This is my first afghan I have ever finished. I really like the colors and how they accent each other. The start of it was tricky because you had to cast it on dpn but I did it and then it just bloomed from there. I used stitch markers at the corners where you increased so that I could mindlessly knit and not have to count! That was a smart move on my part considering I have 2 small children who are always in need of me.