Arthur From "The Tick" for Around $20

Introduction: Arthur From "The Tick" for Around $20

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A few years ago a friend hosted a Halloween party and another friend and his wife dressed up as Dollar Store Beast and his Old Lady by, duh, buying stuff from dollar stores.

This year the party's theme was based off of those outfits. It was called "Dollaween! A Dollar Store Super Hero Party!"

I decided to go as Arthur from the comic book and TV series' The Tick.

Step 1: Items Needed

Here's what you need and what I used.

1. Tyvek suit: You can buy these from Amazon or hardware stores for $7-$20. If you have a friend in construction/maintenance you might be able to get one for free *wink*

HINT: get one with a hood

HINT: they are meant to be baggy but you might need to go one size up. I found it a little tight when sitting down and was afraid I was going to get crotch blowout.
HINT: wear something underneath incase you do get rips in it.

2. Du-Rag/head scarf: If your suit has a hood you can skip this one. I got mine at a convenience store for $2

3. Wings: Dollar Tree had some pink ones for $1

4. Antenna/Ears: Dollar Tree had a nice pink set, with bow tie and cotton tail for $1

5. Harness for the wings: I used ribbon from the wedding section of Dollar Tree. $1 again

6. Goggles: Dollar tree, again, for, again, $1

7. Fastening device: Since I can't sew worth a crap I used safety pins. They are cheap.

Step 2: Assembly

Assembly is easy.

1. Step into Tyvek suit

2. Make your harness for the wings and slide them on. I just made two arm loops and a cross piece.

3. Put on the hood/Du-Rag, goggles, then ears.

Step 3: Have Fun!

My true nerd friends guessed me right away but others didn't know or weren't sure who I was.

I hope you enjoyed my first Instructable and who knows, I might assemble this a little better if I get to a Con in the future.

Gilbert Jagot

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    Reply 4 years ago

    Amazon has a "reboot" of it and it's pretty good.