Artifical Tree Stand



Introduction: Artifical Tree Stand

Momma bought this 30inch tree for a few bucks some where but the plastic stand was broke so I made her this one out of 32 inches of 1X4 I had in the shop.

Step 1: Tools I Used

I have a lot of tools so I use a lot of them. LOL Don't want them to rust...

A good saw, Ruler and pencil, drill or screwdriver (ya right), 5/16 bit with stop for recessing the screws a bit, a good wood glue (optional), a wood bit 3/4 inch in this case, screws, I used 1 1/4 for this project and a 32 inch piece of 1X4

Step 2: Cutting the 1X4

I have made other stands for other people and have used 1x4, 2x4 and 4x4's before. I like to have the base ruffly half the with of the height of the tree. In this case a 30 inch tree I chose to make a 12" wide base as this is a table top tree.

Cut 2 boards 12" long and the leftover in half (appx 4 3/16 each).

Step 3: Lay It Out

Lay it out and pre drill your pilot holes with a bit that will work for the screw size your using, then use a but with a bit stop in place to sink the heads so you don't split the wood, Add some glue if you like, Use a straight edge to mark your center, then drill your tree hole, Now what box are my wood bits in???? . I used a 3/4 inch as that was the with of the square base on the tree.

Step 4: The Finished Product

I sanded the edges just so Momma didn't get a splinter, I didn't put plugs in the recess holes because she puts a skirt on it any way, or put any finish on it as I didn't want any reason for the skirt to stick to it. I did put stick on felt on the bottom so it wouldn't scratch any thing.

Step 5: Yes I Work Outside

Yes I work outside as I only have a 12x12 shop (downsized from a 30x40 one I had on the farm) so I just move stuff out side when I want to make something and I have a metal table top I use to do all my assembling on as it is level and sturdy.

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