Introduction: Artificial Cloud

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Hello Everyone, Today i will be making an rainbow colored artificial cloud.

Step 1: The Cloud

To make the cloud you need

  • Bottle
  • Cotton

You need to stick all the cotton around the bottle and make a hole to bring the wires out.

Step 2: Electronics

You need

  • LED's
  • Switch
  • Battery
  • Connecting Wires

First you have to connect all the RGB LED's in series. Then make 2-3 checks whether all the LED's are working or not. Then connect switch to the LED's. Now fix the LED's in the bottle. And keep the switch out of the bottle to control the lights.

Step 3: Artificial Cloud

Now keep the cloud in a dark place and connect battery and turn on the switch and see your Rainbow Coloured Artificial Cloud.

Hope You guys Like it. You guys can even watch it in YouTube and can follow me on Instagram @Science__Guy__

Thank You.

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