Introduction: Artificial Fish Habitat

Use a heavy 75# fishing cord and tie empty plastic water or soda bottles to two foot, four foot, and six foot lengths. Tie the other end to a heavy object and put in a pond or lake for attracting small game fish to hid around the floating bottles. Use small weights on each bottle to sink them to the bottom of the pond. Place the individual bottles 2 to four feet apart in a checker board pattern. Have the cords on the bottles form two to six feet long. and use the different length cords at random placements. To make a habitat 10x22 feet would require 72 bottles. You will have 6 rows of 12 bottles. That will give you 220 square feet of fish habitat.That is figuring on two foot centers.

Step 1: Cut Different Lenght Cords

Cut different lenght cords into 2,4, and 6 foot lenghts. Tie one end to the emtpy bottles.

Step 2: Securing a Weight

After you have secured all the bottles, tie each bottle to a weight large enough to hold down the bottle, and place in your boat.

Step 3: Preparing for the Placement.

After you have tied the loose end to each bottle and loaded them in your boat, stat placing them in the water about 2 feet apart using different lenght cords as you go You now have you own coral reef for years of good fishing. Enjoy!

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