Introduction: Artificial Jack-O'-lantern

Halloween (or All Hallows' Eve subject to your locality), is fast approaching.

Pumpkin (Turnips are also used), lanterns are typically used as decoration during this time.

Hollowed out, decorated typically with faces although carvings of scenes are also depicted and traditionally lit with a candle but more so with an LED light source.

This design is created in BlocksCAD and 3D printed using luminous filament.

The luminous filament seems very fitting for the intended celebration with it emitting an eerie green glow in the dark, once it has been subjected to a light source which pre-charges the phosphorescent material.




3D printer

Luminous Filament

String or Wire

Electronic Tea Light or other light source to be mounted internally (optional)

Nail file or Sanding paper

Step 1: Design

The lantern is made up of six main parts, fours sides and two parts for top and bottom.

The four sides depict a pumpkin with face design, the top and bottom are interchangeable complete with mounting hole.

The mounting top hole can be fitted with a loop or hook enabling the lantern to be hung while the bottom mounting hole can be fitted with a screw to allow it to be fitted to a pole.

The sides are designed to be clipped together without the need for glue.

Step 2: Printing

All the parts are printed in one operation, flat without supports.

With a printed size of 181.5 x 116.1 x 2mm this creates an assembled size of 64 x 64 x52mm.

Files and details for 3D printing can be found here: lantern

Step 3: Assembly

Separate the parts, using a file or sanding paper to smooth any rough edges.

Proceed to fit a loop or hook into the top part and/or fit a screw to mount it onto a pole.

Slot the sides into the cut-outs in the create a container.

Use a nail file to widen the slots if necessary.

With or without an internal light source, now fit the top and mount according to your requirements.

Step 4: Display

The lantern can be displayed free standing, hung or mounted.

It can be internally lit with an LED light source or self illuminated via phosphorescence once subjected to an external light source.

Happy Halloween.

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