Introduction: Artificial Juniper Bonsai

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List of materials and tools.

  1. Aluminium foil.
  2. Air dry clay.
  3. Oil paints or acrylic paints.
    1. White, yellow ochre, lemon yellow, burnt umber, burnt sienna.
  4. 19 AWG magnet wire.
  5. Artificial hedge panels.
  6. Light green and dark green color pencils or crayons.
  7. PVA Glue.


  1. Clay tools.
  2. Brushes.
  3. Wire Cutter.
  4. Steel wool.

Step 1: Structure

  1. Take piece of aluminium foil and squeeze them to make cylindrical shape.
  2. Take some more pieces, wrap and squeeze it around to make it thick.
  3. Make some branches by wrapping the piece of foil one end to the trunk.
  4. Finally press the foil to strengthen the shape.

Step 2: Apply Clay on Foil Structure

  1. Add clay on foil structure. Apply it according to the shape of tree. The base of tree should be the most wide part of the tree and as it go up it should be reduces in thickness.
  2. The same rule is for the branches. we can also peel off some clay with the help on paper cutter when its slight becomes hard to make it pointy of realistic.

Step 3: Creating Texture

  1. Rub steel wool on surface of tree to make bark like texture. Go with the flow of tree, I mean where should we rub it vertical and where horizontal.
  2. Use clay tools to make curves.

Step 4: Painting Time ! Step One.

  1. Apply super glue to make it more stronger and paint it smoothly. (Optional and caution!)
  2. You have two options either use oil paints or acrylic paints.
  3. Mix white, lemon yellow and yellow ochre. Remove most of the paint by rubbing brush on some paper.
  4. Now paint the tree (dry brushing technique).
  5. Wait for a dry.

Step 5: Painting: Step Two.

  1. Add white paint in previous mixed colors to make the color tone lite.
  2. Apply a thin layer of it on whole tree.
  3. Wait for a dry.
  4. Take burnt umber, burnt sienna and yellow ochre mix slightly with brush and paint specific places.

Step 6: Apply Leaves.

  1. Take 19 gauge magnet wire.
  2. Make branches and tie it on tree.
  3. Take out leaves bunches from panel and put it on branches.

Step 7: Finally.

  1. Fix the bonsai in pot.
  2. Use shredded part of pencil's lead to make moss like effect.

Step 8: Ready!