Artificial Tree Repurposed: Christmas Wreath and Mini Tree




Introduction: Artificial Tree Repurposed: Christmas Wreath and Mini Tree

In my second Instructables project, I'll be showing you show to make a Mini Christmas Tree and wreath using an old artificial tree. This is a great way to re-purpose an old tree when the lights stop working. Also, this will save you money on decorating for the holidays!

A standard 7 foot artificial tree can produce about 16 mini trees and 2-3 wreaths depending on the specific tree. I used 1 out of the 2 sections of the tree and was able to easily make 4 mini trees and 1 wreath with 1/2 of the single section remaining. Though tedious at first, you will produce results that will be fun for the kids to get involved in and will also amaze your friends.

Step 1: Getting Started-Unmantling the Tree

There are only a few basic tools needed to complete this project and you probably already have them laying around.

1. 1 Artificial Tree (Pre-lit or Un-lit both work fine)

*Ensure the tree branches are bendable as the wire cutters may not be able to cut through them or will get damaged*

2. Wire cutters

3. Power Drill

4. Drill bits

5. Zip ties

6. Wood (optional)

7. Hot Glue Gun (optional)

From here after you have gathered all the supplies, you can begin removing the pre-strung lights from the tree (this is where an un-lit tree would've cut done the project time considerably). Depending on the type of tree you have, remove the light clips without breaking them.

Cut each branch with the wire cutter after you have ensured all the lights have been removed. To make a realistic tree, you will need about 4 branches and 6 branches for a wreath. Fan out the branches stems into one direction so that the midsection is visible (fanning out the branches will make securing the bundles together a lot easier).

From here you can choose to make either a Christmas Mini Tree or a Wreath (or both!!)

Step 2: Mini Christmas Tree

As previously stated, gather about 4 branches and secure with zip ties even spaced. For this specific tree, I used 3 heavy duty zip ties. Now you can begin spreading out the stems to give it that 'tree' look. Trim as necessary so that your tree has a tapered look.

Now you can decide on the tree base. I used some old wood and cut a 4"x 4" block with a 1/2" drilled hole in the center. Fill the hole of the wood block with a sufficient amount of hot glue and insert the tree base. Voila! You now have a Christmas Mini Tree that can either stand alone or be decorated. We decided that this tree would be for our 3 year old son so he would have his own tree to decorate.

Step 3: Christmas Wreath

So if you've decided to make a Christmas wreath, this will be an easy way to show your holiday spirit right on your front door. And in about 5-10 minutes too!

Choose 6 branches and bend slightly to form a circle. Overlap the branches on each end so that you can secure them tightly with zip ties.

Fan out the branches into the desired look and decorate accordingly. I happened to have an old pine cone garland laying around that I was able to attached to the wreath by using the light clips that I mentioned in the first step earlier. You can also hot glue any decorations to the front of the wreath, but I felt this was a better use of existing materials and wouldn't end up with me searing my fingers.

Now that you've seen how it's done, let me know what you think and post pictures of your wreath or mini trees in the comments. Merry Christmas!

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