Introduction: Artistic USB LED CD Lamp

The materials needed for this project:
6 CDs
1.5 inch PVC pipe
3 t-joints
12 LEDS (of any colors, we used white, blue, and orange) 
12 resistors
3 wire coat hangers
soldering iron and stand
electrical tape
hot glue gun
wire (red and black is used here)
stereo wire

It is good to first plan out the circuit of the lamp before beginning to build the lamp and to prepare all the LED-resistor pairs. To do this we calculate the resistance needed and all the currents and voltages through each LED and resistor. We then wrap the resistor and the LED together as shown in the picture. 

The next step after this is to create the stand for the lamp using the PVC. We used a 10 inch piece of PVC but any height will do and this piece is stuck into a t-joint which is then attached to two more t-joints using small pieces of PVC. SIx holes are then drilled into the height the PVC stand, 3 on each side, at varying heights. 

Next, drill two holes into each CD after measuring them so they will be an equal distance apart on the CD. 

The next step is to solder the LEDs and the resistors together in their pairs. You then wrap the wire coat-hangers through the holes in the pipe and shape it whichever way you want.

You then have to use the red and black wires to attach sets of two LED and resistor pairs. Solder any place where it is needed and then put electrical tape over the places that are soldered. 

Each set is then attached to one CD and the LEDs are put through the holes. Hot glue is used to secure the wires to the back of the CD. 

Then  the CDs are put on the wire coat-hangers and taped with electrical tape around the holes followed by hot glue to further secure the CDs in place. 

The rest of the red and black wires are then wrapped around the coat-hangers and then the red one is soldered to the silver stereo wire and the black one is soldered to the copper stereo wire. These stereo wires are wrapped around the PVC pipe and then put through the bottom where the USB with the alligator clips are attached to turn on the lamp.