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Introduction: Artistic Face Mask by 2 Photos

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Let the Artist inside you come out!

Making a artistic mask/bust from 2 photos.

Not realistic but surrealistic.

Step 1: The 3d Face

You need 2 photos, one front view, one side view.

Load the photo's in the programm : FaceGen ( free for download )

In FaceGen you can adjust the face expressions.

The free version of FaceGen has a "watermark" FG on the forehead, but you can remove that with different programms.

If you are done with adjusting the face save it in a stl. file.

Step 2: Making a Cool Composition.

This mask is not about making a realistic perfect model of your face.

It is all about the inperfections, making a surrealistic piece of art. Sometimes less is more.

Just keep playing with the face, making holes in it, add stuff, stretch it, whathever works the best for you.

(I used the meshmixer for doing this)

If you're done save the file in stl. and you can start printing it.

Step 3: Printing

Support structures are important for printing this masks.

Just let meshmixer make them for you. it has an autosupport structure button.

Step 4: Finished

You also can make a nice stand for it, or just hang it on the wall.

Have fun making it!

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