Introduction: Artsy Pallets

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One of my hobbies is to paint. Lot's of my work are made of canvasses. But canvases of this size can be really expensive. So why not use a pallet? I used my techniques to teach the students in the classroom to make art on pallets. And the kids love it! (and their parents too!)

So here we go!


  • pallets
  • acryllic paint
  • clear varnish (optional)
  • sand paper
  • computer and projector

Step 1: Use a Projector!

Make sure you find a pallet that is at least kind of clean. It should not have lots of splinters. Normally I use the belt sander to smoothen them out a little more, but sometimes I like it when they look a little worn out.

Then I search for a picture online which I want to paint and use the projector to trace the outlines on the pallet. Usually I use a pencil, but sometimes I also use a sharpie.

Step 2: Start Painting the Big Parts!

Start with big parts to paint. Details will be added later.
Once the paint is dry, you all another layer on top of it. That way the colors don't bleed into another, which is a very common mistake made by students.

Step 3: Fill in the Gaps

Continue filling up the painting. When all is colored in, you wait for the paint to absolutely dry.

Then you add the lines. You can do this with a big/thick sharpie, or with a small brush. I personally prefer always doing it with paint and a very small brush, but there are students who feel more confident with a sharpie. I think the results are a little bit less, because sharpies don't color that "black".

Step 4: Time to Showcase It!

I love to screw the artsy pallets to the wall. It looks amazing. If you add an extra layer of clear varnish, you can even hang it outside in the garden if you want. People are always drawn to the big paintings on the wall and it's an absolute eye-catcher!

Step 5: More Work From My Students

Just a slide show, to show what my students have made so far!

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