Introduction: Artwork in a Pendant

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Photography and nature - my two loves. But I have to leave my house with the images I love still on the walls!

No longer. Take the art you love and make it into a pendant you can wear around your neck always.

I'm using my own artwork in these instructions.

Step 1: Supplies

You can get the supplies needed at any hobby store. I purchased these at Hobby Lobby in Texas. If you manage to get a percent off coupon or when items are on sale - that makes this even a greater project!

  1. Get the pendant of your choice. You can also get something to string it on at the same time.
  2. Crazy glue or E6000 is used to attach the image to the pendant.
  3. Don't forget the obvious like scissors or some other cutting implement to cut out the image.
  4. Epoxy or resin - I love the Ice Resin - expensive but stays crystal clear forever.
  5. Plastic cup and stirrer - you MUST stir the resin per its instructions. This is such an important step that I can't emphasize it enough. Errors in mixing will make or break your pendant project.
  6. Heavy duty/high quality photo paper. It can be any size but you waste less cut off material if you use a 4x6 and do multiple images.
  7. Image - PLEASE do not steal/borrow or in any other way use someone else's image without their consent. Besides being illegal - it's just not nice.

Step 2: Get the Image Ready.

There is such a vast inventory of images for you to use without having to "borrow" someone else's. Remember - just copying off of the Internet will give you a very low quality image besides the fact that you cannot say you made this pendant completely on your own!

You can even use children's photos, pet's photo's - great for holiday gift giving.

Print it on heavy photo paper or the resin will bleed through and just look awful.

Most pendant packing gives you the size information. If it doesn't, you can scan the actual pendant and then size the image directly to the pendant - curves, corners, and all!

Step 3: Resin - the Important Step.

After cutting out the image use a dot of glue - fasten the image to the pendant. If you skip this, the image will float to the top of the resin OR will float up rather unevenly and look even funnier.

STIR the resin. PLEASE STIR THOROUGHLY. If the resin is not stirred per its directions it will not cure correctly. You will end up with a pendant where the resin will remain sticky forever. An extra minute stirring is so worth the finished product.

Pour the resin in the pendant slowly. It will fill much quicker than you anticipate.

The resin must cure for at least 24 hours. If the environment is damp, it may take a little longer.

Step 4: Thank You!

Thank you for checking out my tutorial!

You can purchase images to make into pendants from a wide variety of sources. Many of them are on Etsy, along with me!

Visit, follow, and stay in touch with me through my sites. I would love to see what you create! Let me know via my Facebook page.

Have fun and stay tuned for more jewelry and imagery crafty kind of projects! for my complete directory of sites.