Introduction: Aruduino LED Game Fast Clicking Two Player Game

This project is inspired by @HassonAlkeim. If you are willing to take a deep look here is a link you can check out This game is an improved version of Alkeim's. It is a competitive game that you can have fun with your friends. Whoever clicks faster would win the game. When I was looking at Alkeim's project I notice there is no end so I decided to add an ending to the game in order to reduce confusion. As you can see in the video, I also added a starting animation to make it look better instead of just the green light at the beginning of the game. Anyways, thanks again to @HassanAlkeim for the inspiration and let's get into how do you make this game.

Step 1: The Circuit

If you are familiar with Arduino and don't want to spend time doing it step by step. This would be the only thing you will need. Here is the code

Step 2: Connect the 5V to the Positive Column and GND to the Negative Column

Step 3: Place LED Lights and Connect It As Above


Number 11&10 the two Red LEDs (left)

Number 9&8 the two Yellow LEDs (left)

Number 6 the Greenlight (Center)

Number 5&4 the two Yellow LEDs (right)

Number 3&2 the two Red LEDs (right)

Step 4: Connect the Left and Right Button

Left Button: It should be connected to the number 13

Right Button: It should be connected to the number 12

Step 5: Upload the Code

Step 6: Finish!

You are now done for this project, what I would suggest is do a decoration as I presented in the video. Although I did a pretty sloppy job.

Step 7: Game Explanation

To start the game, both player needs to hold onto the button at the same time. And a player would countdown, after the countdown, both players would click as fast as they could until the game ended. Moreover, there are two buttons, the left and the right one. If you click the left button, the led light would move one step to the right. And if you click the right button, the led light would move one step to the left. The game would stop until the led light reaches the end of one side. Lastly, there are no rules for this game, but if you want to here are some suggestions!

1. Players could only use a certain finger

2. Players are not allowed to use two fingers to click

3. Best out of _ (3, 5, 7), the loser will have to promise winner something

Overall, the most important thing is still to have fun!

Step 8: Improvement Ideas

Although this is already an improved version of @HassonAlkiem's work, there is still something that I am missing maybe you guys could finish it for me!

1. A small screen to countdown for players

2. A small screen to keep track of scores

3. A buzzer that would make a buzzing sound whenever a button is clicked.

4. A buzzer for countdown sound.

5. A buzzer when LED light reaches an end.