Introduction: Asam Durian or Tempoyak

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This is an instructable of making asam durian or tempoyak.

The word asam which translate to "sour" describes its fermentation process similar to sauerkraut or kimchi process. Asam durian is made by taking the flesh of durian and mixed with salt and kept in room temperature and left for fermentation process for three or five days. As a fermented food, its making process involves a number of lactic acid producing microorganisms, or more commonly known as lactic acid bacteria. Isolated lactic acid bacteria which form colonies in fermented durian are Lactobacillus caseiand Lactobacillus rhamnosus sub sp fersantum. These lactic acid bacterias inhibit the growth of harmful decomposing bacterias, such as Escheria coli, which in turn preserves the durian flesh. Besides its functions as food preservative, fermented durian also serves as a natural food flavoring. The addition of asam durian into chili paste and curry, will add distinct aroma and savoury flavour to the dish.


Step 1: Ingredients


  1. A lot of durians
  2. Salt


  1. A cleaver (to open the durians)
  2. A pair of gloves (to prevent hurting your finger from the sharp pointing spikes things)
  3. Spoon and fork.
  4. Mixing bowl
  5. A mason jar
  6. A nose that's braves enough to smell the overpowering and revolting aroma.

Step 2: For the Braveheart

  1. Firstly and extremely careful, I pry open the durian's husk revealing the edible flesh.
  2. I transfer the edible flesh in a mixing bowl.
  3. Then, I removed the seeds and mashed the flesh.
  4. I added salt (ratio of 500gm of durian flesh to 2 tsp of salt) and mix it thoroughly before putting into the mason jar (sorry, I forgot to take a picture because my hands are full).
  5. I leave it for at least 5 days for the fermentation process to mature.
  6. Lastly, I add chili to compliment with the asam durian to make it spicy.

Recipe for sambal tempoyak


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