Introduction: My Amazing Paper Prototype

Made with my own hands ;)

Step 1: Printing Outer Shell

For the outer body I drew the bottom and the top. The blue cap I just scaled up to fit over the yellow top.

So the are the same shape.

Step 2: Electronics

As you can see, I have the battery and the little led light in the back of the container. I drilled two holes in the top of the yellow shell for the wires to get on the topside of the yellow shell. There i connected the negative wires directly and the positives wires I held just a bit apart. On the inside of the blue top shell you can see that i put some aluminium tape so when its on top of the positive wires it will connect them and the light will go on.

Step 3: Inside the Marvell

To protect the inside from melting I put alluminium foil on the inside.

Step 4: End Result

Ive put in some cutting edge lasercutting technologie on there aswell ;) Just as decoration of the top. It means relax.