Introduction: Ashtray IPhone/iPod Dock

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Convenient iPhone/ipod connection built into your ashtray!

Beginner - intermediate

Tools required.
Xacto blade

1x Car stereo with USB connection.
1x USB - ipod cable.
Liquid nails/strong adhesive.
Scrap sheet plastic.
Old iPod dock connector

Step 1: Cut Plastic Base

Using an xacto knife,
Score and snap the plastic to fit within the ashtray.

Using a Drill / x-acto / dremel
Cut an opening for the iPod dock to fit in.

Step 2: Test Fit

Quick test fit of all the components together

Step 3: Glue Components Together

Take the plastic base, iPod dock, and USB cable.

Glue it together.

Step 4: Hole for USB Cable Pass Through

Enlarge a hole on the side/bottom of ashtray (hidden) for the USB cable to pass through.

Step 5: Assembly

Feed the USB cable through the enlarged hole.
Glue plastic base assembly to the ashtray.

Step 6: Back to the Car

Run the USB cable under the console towards the rear of the deck plug it in.

Insert assembly into the console.

Plug in your iPhone/iPod!

Scroll through playlists and charge your phone at the same time!


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