Ashtray Made of Total Waste Material




Introduction: Ashtray Made of Total Waste Material

i made this ashtray with the heads of cigarette packet. u can make it square, rectangular, triangular,hexagonal, circular. here i have shown the circular shape cozz it is tougher. so lets begin

Step 1: Materials U Need Most of Them Waste Just the Glue Have to Get


1. plastic wood (1mm thickess or more if u want) or u can use card board or plastic board or hard board

2. aica or glue used in wood

3. anti cutter

4. pen or pencil

5. compass

6. scale

7. aluminium foil paper

8. cigarette packet (40 to 90)

Step 2: Making the Base of the Ashtray

draw a circle with a compass, i made a diameter or 6 inches u ca take larger or smaller. now take a anti cutter and cut the circle carefully as i shown in the pictures

Step 3: Cut the Heads of Cigarette Packets

cut the heads of cigarette packets

Step 4: Stick the Cigarette Packet Heads

stick the cigarette packet heads with glue like the manner i showed in these pics above.

Step 5:

now to stick the heads as i shown earlier important thing is u have to keep in mind that to make the curves u have to stick the heads densely. now as i shown in the pics above check and do the circle of heads with the base u have cut. now u can see the pictures and see how i progressed.

Step 6: Stick the Head Circle With the Base

stick the head circle with the base with glue as i showed in the pics above.then i put a weight so both of them can stick firmly.

Step 7: Add Another Head Circle to Increase Height and Capacity

i have added another head circle to increase height and capacity or u can keep the 1st circle.well u can see the process as i sowed in the pictures above .

Step 8: Prepare the Aluminium Foil Paper

now i used aluminium foil paper cozz it will protect the paper part of the head circle from cigarette fire. As showed in the pictures take the diameter of the head circle by taking trace by the aluminium foil paper then cut the circle from aluminium foil paper.the circle radius is 5 inch. now cut aluminium foil paper 5x5 inches square pieces as u need cozz u have to paste them.but the aluminium foil paper circle and the square pieces as ur head circle's diameter and height.

Step 9: Paste Aluminium Foil Paper Circle

paste aluminium foil paper circle in the inner part of the base .as shown in the picture.

Step 10: Sticking the Aluminium Foil Paper in the Wall of Head Circle

paste the glue uniformly at the wall of the circle stick the 5x5 inches square pieces. now to stick the glue firmly inner part of the head circle i put some old newspaper to keep let the glue dry for at least 2 hrs or as the capacity of ur glue.i kept i for 4 hrs to dry.

Step 11: Complete But ....

now it is dry and complete. now last step is to cover up the outer part of head circle or ur ashtray. u can wrap it with any thing u prefer but i used the aluminium foil paper fully in one and other half of the height cozz i like the cigarette head look as u prefer.hope it helps u. enjoy!!!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very clever! I like that you used actual old cigarette boxes to make this!