Introduction: Asian Style Motion Sensored Night Light

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Pretty simple nightlight that turns on when you wave your hand over it.

Needle and Thread
Cloth or Paper(I like the texture of cloth, but I suppose paper would help diffuse the light more)
Pencil and Ruler
Dremel or hole puncher
Motion sensored light(3-4 USD, by the touch light thingies)
X-acto or matboard cutter

I did this like a year ago so I don't know the exact time, probably around 2 hours tops

Cost is about 7 dollars. Matboard and the light

Step 1: Decide and Cut the Shape

Decide what you want your lampshade to look like, measure, make four of them, three is okay but that would mean less space inside(the light wouldn't be as diffused). Cut some windows, a matboard cutter is really nice to have. I cut pieces on the bottom to give it feet, so theres a top and bottom.

Step 2: Poke Holes and Glue Cloth

Measure for the holes for all sides and then poke or punch out(easier). Glue down cloth or paper.

Step 3: Sew!

I could have just used paper inside to connect each piece but this way its more portable. You can fold it twice and its just the size of one slat. Because its not too thick, it folds okay and stays flat. I used two needles so it was lacing up a shoe.

Step 4: Finish!

Put the light down and then the lampshade over it, turn off the lights, wave your hand over the top, and voila.