Introduction: Asian Style Stuff on a Stick

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In this instructable I would like to show you an easy, but also yummmy recipe. With this instructables I would like to enter the "stuff on a stick" contest, even if this is my first one. 

Step 1: Insgredients and Tool S You Will Need...

     -bananas (2 of them)
     -kiwis ( also 2 of them)
     -1/2 cup crushed coconut
     -1/3 cup of flour
     -1 egg
     -and some oil ( I recommend palm oil-cause it's haven't got taste)

-3 little bowls
-bamboo sticks (2 of them) (you don't need to use the bamboo one)
-a sharp knife
-a friing pan
-and of course a kitchen, or something like that

Step 2: Preparations

You will need to do some preparation before you start friing, like:

   Peel off the babana, the cut in in to 1 inch pieces, so they will stay on your stick.

  Then use the knife to get down the "skin" of the kiwis, and cut them into 1/2 inch slices.

   After this, put the flour in to one bowl, put the coconut in the other one, and put the egg in to the third one.

Step 3: Start to Do the Thing

Now, you should put every banana in to the flour and cover them with it, the move 'em in to the egg and again cover them, and finally, put the coconut coating on!  this is it-not so much...

Step 4: Friing

Now, that the babana is coated, we can fire up the cooker  (well, to be trueful i'm using an electrical one), put on the pan, an fill it with oil, aroung the height of 1/2 inch.

When the oil gets hot enough, (you can check this, if you put a piece in it at the start, and when it start to boil arond it, it is ready to fry) put in the banana, and turn them around sometimes, so they wont burn out", leave them in until they get a golden-brown colour, when thats done, the bananas are ready. Put them on to a paper towel, an leave them cool down...

In the same pan, or in another one, fry the kiwis for a minuite, or less, withuot oil, but only until they've got their green colour-it means that they've got their taste.

When you are done, stick them up........


Step 5: The Final

If you did everything right, you will end up with somethin, like on the picture. You can enjoy it warm, a fresh, or you can leave it in the fridge for the night, and eat it for breakfast. The so sweet banana taste gets on well with the sour kiwi taste-a perfect pair-Jin and Yang...

I hope you will enjoy it!
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