Introduction: Assassins Creed 3 Tomahawk

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This is an instruction to make a replica of the tomahawk from the video game Assassins Creed 3. The replica is made of wood and steel, so it isn´t something you can take to a convention. I hope you like the instruction and if you have constructive feedback please let me know.

Step 1: Material List

you need:

- wooden stick for the handle

- thick sheet of metal for the tomahawk head

- a short metal tube

- leather stripes

- leather dye

- nails


- Saw

- Angle grinder

- dremel (optional)

- file

Step 2: Making the Handle

First you have to look for a branch which has an proper size. Then you have to peel the bark of and cut it to the right length. Depending of the type of wood you choose, the wood is too bright like in my case. Therefore, I used some stain for an darker look. The logo is made with a dremel into the wood.

Step 3: The Tomahawk Head

The head of the tomahawk is going to be the main work. I've used some old metal sheet and marked the outer contour of the head. You need to drill some holes along the counter so the following sawing will be a lot easier. After some sawing you can use an angle grinder to get the final blade form. I've designed the blade in two parts. In between there is a short tube as connection.

Step 4: Connecting the Parts

Into the tube and the two parts from the blades threaded holes are drilled. The three pieces are connected with a small part of an threaded rod. Additional metal glue fixes the pieces so they can't unscrew. Additional holes are drilled for a connection between the handle and the head. If you don't like an rusty looking blade you can spray an clear coat layer onto the metal.

Step 5: Adding the Leather

The leather is cut into pieces so they can fit around the handle near the head. For the handle you have to cut a long piece of leather, where the ends are angled. So, the finish with an straight line. All leather pieces are dyed. Make sure to wear gloves, because the dye is hard to wash of. The leather of the handle is fixed by some decorative nails and the ends are sewed together. For a better grip you can use spray glue. The small leather stripes at the head are sewed together. For a better looking optics you can warp leather stripes around the head and above the ŕ.

Step 6: Mounting the Handle and the Head

The handle is connected to the head with four screws. The screws are countersigned onto each other. Then the screw heads are taken off with an angle grinder to get a smooth surface.

Step 7: Wall Mount (optional)

The wall mount is made out of a bend elbow. I've used the rest of the leather and made a sleeve for the elbow. An additional leather strip secured the Tomahawk.

I hope you liked the project as much as I did.

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