Introduction: Assassin's Creed Connor's Tomahawk Made of Wood

Nothing is true, everything is permitted (proceeds to smash redcoat's head with a tomahak).

This is a perfect replica if you want to go dressed as Connor to a comic con since it's made entirely out of wood (at least in Barcelona they don't allow metal props) and it's also very light, so you won't get tired of holding it.

Let's go with the materials!

-Some wood (I used wood from an old pallet I had, the pieces were about 2 cm thick).

-Faux leather (or real if you want)

-Some string or cord (the type you like most. I used leather cord, I reccomend you to use some made out of natural fibres and that looks rustic).

-A feather

-Some red strips of leather (like the ones you'd use if you wanted to do a bracelet)

-Metal thumbtacks


-some rasps

-a jigsaw

-a saw


-Grey, white and silver paint and brushes

-A sponge


-Wood glue


-A pencil

-A drill and bits

Let's get started!

Step 1: Get the Wood and the Saw!

First, you should look for some pictures of the tomahawk. It's handle is curved and the "blade" has the assassin's "A" shape. Get some measurements (I printed the "blade" at 1:1 scale) unless you are good at drawing (I'm not, that's why I needed the pictures).

To make the handle you just need to draw it on a pellet piece of wood and saw it (first and second pictures). For making the blade, I glued two pieces of the wood to make a wider piece (I didn't have a squared piece of wood), so that the blade could fit. To saw it, I drilled a hole in the middle and from there I used a jigsaw. As the wood is pine (soft) you should'nt have much trouble sawing it by hand if you don't have a jigsaw. Or if you have to use two pieces of wood (like I did), you can saw them separatly and glue them afterwards.

Once you have the blade, make a hole in the squared part (the one on the top of the "A).

Step 2: Time to File Down and Sand!

Now, let's smooth the wood and give it a nicer and sharpened look. I Used a scrape and different rasps to get rid of some of the wood and to make the handle round. Then, I cut a small part from the top (2-3 cm long) and made the "new" top smaller, so that it fits inside the hole we made on the squared place of the blade. Once it's shape is good, time to sand it, and to varnish it. I used some varinsh with dye to give it a darker look. Also, varnish the first "top end" we cut previously.

And the same goes with the blade, sand it and give it some "sharp" edges. Sand everything once you are done with the shape. I painted it in silver to make it look like metal, but use any paint you want that makes it look like iron or steel (metallic paint, light grey...) and let dry everything.

Now, put the blade into the handle with a good amount of glue and let it dry properly. Remember the cutted top end? Time to add it to the axe!

Step 3: Going for the Details

Technically, the tomahawk is done, but let's make it better!

Take a sponge, wet it in darker grey paint, and carefully "touch" the blade. The little spots without dark grey paint will give the blade a realistic and uneven look (at least I think so). I left the outside part of the blade shining (it looks like it's quite sharpened, and that on the inside the steel is "raw").

As I told you before, I'm not good at drawing so I printed some of the patterns Connor's tomahawk has (these diamonds on the handle), and with some glue stick and tape I covered the parts I didn't want to paint. I used a sponge to apply the white paint very carefully, so that it didn't go through or under the paper or the tape. Once it's dry, do the same for the other two diamonds on the sides.

With some scissors cut a narrow strip of the (faux) leather. With some glue, stick one end to the handle and wrap the part of the handle you want. Cut the excess of leather, unwrap it, put glue on the rest of the leather and wrap it again. Put some thumbtacks (I put 3 on each side) and let the glue dry. As you can see on the pictures, I first put the leather and then I painted. I think it's better to do it the other way arround just in case you accidentally stain the leather.

They you only have to put the feather tied with some cord, and the red strips of leather. I also "tied" the blade into the stick with some cord (it's only decorative, but I think it gave a realistic look).

So that's it! I hope you like the tutorial! Thanks for reading :D