Introduction: Assassin's Creed Inspired Hood

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Assassin's Creed Inspired Hood
By Super Simple Sewing

For stable knit fabric. If you are unable to fine a good quality mid weight knit you can interface a lighter weight knit with stretch interfacing. If you choose to use something like fleece the details may be lost. You could cut the liner section in fleece. Sewing Level: Advanced


Thread 3/4 Yard face fabric

3/4 Yard lining

Interfacing if needed

Get Pattern Pattern Super Simple Sewing

Tools: Sewing machine Scissors Pins Iron

Be sure to have the proper needle for knits. My stable knit used a size 14 Universal Ball needle. this is probable the most important this for sewing knits. If you don't have the correct needle you will skip stitches, or your machine may not sew at all.

All seams are 1/2" seam allowance

Step 1: Cut Out the Pattern

Down load pattern and cut out all the pieces.

The fabric is folded in half.

Step 2: Center Triangles

2. Pin a right and left of triangle together
and sew piece along the long side for both sets.

Step 3: Pin

3. Pin the left and right swoops on to the newly
formed triangle.

Step 4: Sew

4. Sew being sure to stop at the dot 1/2" from the edge.

Step 5: Press

5. Repeat for second triangle .
6. Press seams open.

Step 6: Pin Center

7. Pin the hood side to the hood back
8. Sew with the hood back facing up. This will help it to ease in better.

Step 7: Press Canter

9. Pin and sew the second side of hood to the
back of hood.

10. Repeat this process for the lining.

11. Press the face side of the hood seams to the center.

Step 8: Top Stitch

12. Top stitch on the center hood section down both
sides. This step is not necessary for the lining.

Step 9: Ceter Triangle

13. At the center of the hood pin the center of the
triangle unit right sides together.

14. Pin the seams carefully so the seam and
points match. It may take a few tries but it is worth the effort.

Step 10: Pin the Rest

Continue pinning working out to the edges .
Do this for the liner as well.

15. Sew from the dot to the dot at the other end.
(About 1/2" from each end)

Step 11: Press

16. Press flat. The seam allowance should face
toward the front

Step 12: Top Stitch

17. Top stitch the face fabric along this seam
stopping 2" from each edge.

Step 13: Pin

18. Pin and Sew together the center seam of the
Hood for both the face and the liner.

Step 14: Pin Together Than Stitch

19. With right sides together pin both hood sections
matching the seams and points. Be very aware of how the seams are facing. You will be sewing between the dots. Stopping to turn the seam allowances to the other side so you don't catch them.

Step 15: Trim

20. Reinforce the top of the point by stitching over
the seam 1” from the point down to the point then another 1”. 21. Trim back the point and any other extra pieces that will cause bulk in the seams.

Step 16: Clip

22. Stitch the rest of the hood opening
Clip along the bottom.

Step 17: Press

23. Turn right side out.
24. Press carefully. You don't want to see the lining peeking out.

Step 18: Detail Work

25. Top stitch along each of the seams to accent the

Step 19: Pin Hem and Zigzag

26. Line up the outer and the liner of the hood and
pin together.

27. Zigzag over this edge or serge if you have one.

Step 20: Hem

28. Press up 5/8" and pin in place.

Step 21: Finishing Stitch

29. Sew from the right side for a more even 1/2"
seam allowance

Step 22: Ready to Wear


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