Introduction: Assassin's Creed Origin Eagle Skull Pendant

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You know me! Assassin's Creed is our favorite!! And after 2 years!! Finally a new AC is coming out!! Me and my girlfriend want to craft something in anticipation! of it's much awaited release!

Luckily the game director of the game, Ashraf Ismail‏, was so kind to have tweeted and complimented our fanart!! What an honor!

Animal bones are precious biological specimens, and should be treated with respect in natural museum, not some trophies in rich men's house! That's why we wanna recreate this prop with PLA plastic by 3d printing!! Also PLA is a bio-degradable material, unlike ABS! Our eagle skull is as environmental-friendly as it get!

Step 1: Sculpting the Skull in Zbrush!!

Credits goes to My talented Collaborator @marikosusie and my partner in life! she sculpted the eagle skull in zbrush! She will take over this step.

We did some research and analysis on the different eagle skull shapes, I also looked at the official licenced pendant replica from the AC: Origins Dawn of the Creed Collector's Edition, I came to the conclusion that I could only match Bayek's pendant to perfection by combining different bird species. the overall shape resemble a Great Horned Owl , while it got the eye socket and brow of an Harpy Eagle. I artistically sculpted a blend of the two. We needed the details of a reallife eagle skull as well as having the aspect match the pendant's look from the game. I believe that with the hardwork we invested on it, this has to be the most accurately realistic replica of Bayek's pendant!

Here I made a time-lapse of the sculpting progress in Zbrush!

check it out in 3d here too:

Sculpted Eagle Skull

Step 2: Getting the Skull Print Ready

Upon the completion of the high-poly, we Zremesh the skull for minor optimization and smaller file size.

the version is ready for Shapeways, you can get yours here!:

But neither of us could wait for Shapeways to ship it to us, we wanted to print it with our FDM printer CR-10. but the model would be too complex to print as one, clearing the support would be tricky. So I chopped it into 3 parts in blender and chose the orientation that is better for the shape and optimized support.

we printed the skull at 8 and 6 cm long scale.

Step 3: Assembly

After removing the support and a little bit of sanding, I tack the parts back into one with epoxy putty. Normally I would use surface filler/primer to sand the pieces to perfection! But with 0.1mm print resolution, this pendant was meant to be a daily wear in the unforgiving environment of ancient Egypt by an assassin. We went for a more weathered look.

Step 4: Painting

So we did a textured finishing by brushing on white acrylic Gesso. They not only filled up a lot of the printed layer lines, but also cover the blue epoxy giving a nice white base color. Some layer lines are still visible but we liked the look of it and just can't wait to paint it!!

We water down some brown acrylic paint, and apply layers of light washes.

Lastly, paint the darker beak and you are good to go!!

Step 5: String It Up and Wear It!!

After the eagle is dry, measure the ideal length of the necklace accordingly. Cut your rope and pass it through the nostril of the pendent.

Voilà!! You are like Bayek a worthy assassin!! Thank you for reading! feel free to share with us your thoughts in the comments below. If you like this, feel free to favorite this and vote for us in the plastic contest!!

See you next time!!

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