Introduction: Assassin's Hidden Blade (Manuel)

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this is a manual hidden blade

Step 1: Gather the Parts

Make sure you have 2 belts, 3 socks (no ankle socks), 1 Retractable toy sword (Mine is the toy rapier from Indiana Jones And the Crystal Skull) A hot glue gun, Scissors, A knife ( to cut the sword)

Step 2: Cut the Socks

Cut the socks at the ankle the top part will be used for arm protection (Otherwise the cut blade peices scrape your arm)

Step 3: Cut the Blade

Cut the area at the second slider down to cause a two peice blade make sue the wider peice is shorter than the end peice

Step 4: Cut the Belts

Mesure the belt around your arm and give at least 6 inches of extra

Step 5: Hot Glue the Belts on to the Blade

make sure and place 1 at the top of the exterior part and one at the bottom DO NOT GLUE THE BELT ONTO THE INNER BLADE

Step 6: Equip

belt it on and assassinate your friends if built correctly the blade will retract upon assassination

Step 7:

Step 8:

comment if you have any questions