Introduction: Assemble a Banana Pi Case

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This is an assembly tutorial on how to assemble a Banana Pi computer acrylic case kit.

Parts Banana Pi Single board computer:

Banana Pi Laser Cut Acrylic Case Kit :

Banana Pi CPU Heat Sink:

Step 1: Part List

These are the parts you should have got with your kit

  • 6 Laser Cut Acylic Pieces
  • 6 Silver Phillip Screws
  • 4 Long Hex Posts
  • 4 Short Hex Posts Screws

Step 2: Sharp Tool

I found that using a cuticle cutter works great to start peeling off the protective paper from the acrylic pieces. You just want to peel a little corner piece and then pull back the paper with your fingers until completely comes off. Do this to all the acrylic pieces.

Step 3: Start Assembling the Case

The first piece you want to start with is the top plate, the top plate is the one with the logo printed. Look at this picture and pay attention to the direction of the long hex post, the logo has to be readeable (make sure not to put it backwards or the case will not assemble together properly).

Step 4: Mounting the Banana Pi Board

Look at the first picture and align the board like in the picture, use the 2nd picture as reference, the important part here is that you see the LVDS bay align with the LVDS connector on the board. The SATA port should be facing in the same direction as in the picture

Step 5: Start Building the Frame Around the Case

Now that the board is aligned with the top plate properly start building the frame, install the two long frame pieces first, the one with the HDMI bay and the back plate with the composite and audio connector. Remember if it does not fit it is either upside down or inside out turn the piece until it fits perfectly without any force.

Step 6: Finish the Frame

Now insert the two short frame pieces, the one with the USB bay and the other one with the two micro buttons, SD Card and USB OTG Connector bays. Now you can start securing the board with the 4 short hex posts screws.

Step 7: Adding the Heat-Sink Onto the CPU

In this step you are going to mount the heat sink onto the CPU. You are going to need a little bit of non conductive thermal compound you can pick a small tube at your favorite computer store for a couple of dollars. Apply a few dots of thermal compund to the flat side to the heat-sink. Now locate the CPU as shown in the picture above and place the heat-sink onto the CPU and gently press down making sure that the thermal compound gets spread onto the surface of the CPU but not so hard that you will crack the board. The thermal compund will hold the heat-sink in place and over time it will dry and become glued to it.

Step 8: Final Step, Secure the Bottom Plate

Now aligned and secure the bottom plate with the 4 remaining silver phillip screws as shown in the picture above..

Step 9: Congratulations

Congratulations you have finish assembling the acrylic case! here are a few pictures of the finished product.