Introduction: Assembling Pan and Tilt Camera Mount

Recently I received this cool robot (Picture 2) from Kuman donated for the Visuino development :-).

It has Remote WiFi control module, Camera, and 4 servos Manipulator.

The robot has 4 main parts that need to come together:

1. The Chassis
2. The control and Wi-Fi boards
3. The Camera with its Pan and Tilt mount (Picture 1)
4. The Manipulator

The Manipulator and the Chassis are preassembled.
The Pan and Tilt mount (Picture 1) however needs to be assembled. It is a popular type of mount, so I decided to make a video of assembling it first, and show how to mount it on the chassis in following videos.

And it became my first ever Assembly video :-)

  1. Take the Cross Shaped Seat and place it on the Plastic Base
  2. Use 4 small screws to secure the seat to the Plastic Base
  3. Insert the Servo into one side of the Pan Bracket
  4. Make sure that the Servo Shaft is at the opposite side from the Pivot Point for the tilt bracket
  5. Place the second Pan Bracket over the servo until it reaches the first bracket, and the 2 completely wrap the servo
  6. Tighten the 2 Brackets together with Screws
  7. Take the Short Single Sided Seat and place it in the Bracket that has fitting for it with the connection for the servo pointing inwards
  8. Tighten the Bracket with 2 Screws
  9. Insert the Shaft of the Second Servo into the main hole of the Seat attached to the Pan Bracket
  10. Place the Tilt Bracket on top of the Second Servo so that the shaft aligns with the pivot hole
  11. Tighten the Servo with 2 screws
  12. Attach the Seat to the Servo with Small Screw
  13. Insert the Shaft of the servo of the Pan Bracket to the main center hole of the Seat on the Base
  14. Attach the Seat to the Servo with Small Screw
  15. Take the Camera Base, and snap it to the Tilt Bracket
  16. Take the Camera, and snap it to the Camera Base
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