Introduction: Assembling a Propane Heater

Ever wonder how to hook up a forced air propane heater for your garage or barn? I am here to show you 5 easy steps on how to properly and easily put together a propane heater in a way that everyone can do!


you will need a 20 pound propane tank, a ¾ inch wrench, a 7/8 inch

wrench, a propane heater, and a hose with a pressure regulator on it.

Step 1: Attaching the Hose

String out the hose for the propane tank. Find your wrenches that are needed for the nuts on the two ends of the hose. Find the port on the heater for the female end of the hose. Find the port on the propane tank for the male end of the port. THE TANK SIDE OF THE HOSE IS LEFT HAND THREAD. Attach the hose to the two.

Step 2: Bleeding the Hose

Turn the propane tank on and bleed the system by hitting the left bleeder button on the heater. The bleeder button purges the heater of the ambient air from the propane hose. Once you purge the lines the heater will fire up right away.

Step 3: Lighting the Heater

Hit the left igniter button on the heater to ignite the propane. The igniter will light the propane and present a blue and yellow flame. When you press the button you can see the blue spark inside the end of the heater.

Step 4: Adjusting the Amount of Heat

Once the flame is lit the heat can be controlled by the right heat switch on the side of the heater. The knob controls the amount of propane being burned to produce the heat.

Step 5: Double Check Your Surroundings

Do a last minute walk around the heater. Make sure all combustible materials are away from the front of the heater to reduce the risk of a accidental fire. Always have a fire extinguisher near the propane tank of the heater in case of an emergency.