Assembling an Asgard Gladiator Metal Garden Shed



Introduction: Assembling an Asgard Gladiator Metal Garden Shed

Keen gardeners will be familiar with Asgard metal garden sheds, as they provide a high level of safety and security.

The heavyweight metal structures have a number of certifications from the Police, Locksmiths and Insurance companies, that show the these sheds are considered some of the most secure on the market.

Asgard metal garden sheds have been designed to deter thieves from breaking in. Anyone who is serious about looking after their gardening tools and equipment might want to consider one of these sheds, but may be unsure about assembling it.

Many people choose to assemble these large sturdy structures themselves. I’m going to show you the most important steps when assembling your shed.

Step 1: The Base

Before you start to assemble the metal structure there are a few key things you need to know.

1. A flat and firm bases made from either concrete, tarmac or paving slabs is required.

2. The base should be level. The main reasons for this is because Asgard products are designed to be secure as possible, so the doors need to site level on the ground so all of the bolts and locks can align correctly. You also need a firm level base to take the weight of the sheds, because Asgard sheds are heavy. This shed weighs about 68 stone.

3. The base should be placed at least 1000mm from walls, trees, shrubbery or any other permanent fixtures in your garden, so that when the shed is fully built the ventilation system will work properly.

4. The minimum base size should be (WxDxH) 2410mm x 4940mm x 50mm

Once you have taken the above points into consideration and you're sure you can meet all of these requirements you can lay the base down. Once you have a firm base down you can begin to assemble the shed.

Step 2: Assembling the Shed

Now that you have a firm flat base, you can begin to assemble the shed from the floor upwards. The tools you will need are power driver POSI-DRIV screwdriver, 6mm dia masonry drill and a 13mm socket or spanner.

Correctly level the constructed unit using the shims (ZCOMPPLAS) provided prior to fixing the unit to the ground. Slide the packing pieces under the corners of the unit base as required until an equal gap has been achieved around the door allowing for its smooth operation and alignment.

It is always recommended to anchor down the unit to the ground. Drill through the four holes in the base of the unit using 6mm dia masonry drill to a depth of 70mm. Screw in the anchor fixings. (These have a self cutting thread). If not anchoring the unit, fit the self seal plugs BEFORE BUILDING to block the fixing holes from underneath.

Please note all screws are fixed from the inside.

Step 3: From Start to Finish

Here is a handy video, that will show you just how easy it is to assemble one of these sheds if you've got the right tools that is.

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