Assembling the FloppyBot-09 Robot ...

Introduction: Assembling the FloppyBot-09 Robot ...

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I designed the FloppyBot robots to serve multiple purposes;

1.  New characters for RoboToons cartoons ... both still and animated.

2.  Print yourself robot parts for home hobbyists.  You buy a kit for $3 at 3DAGogo
        Print your robot parts ... one body, one bottom and two wheels.

3.  Choose your own RoboGuts;
      a.  Simple R/C setup with a R/C radio receiver, V-Tail mixing for Aileron & Elevators to drive the wheels.
      b. BS2 based µController board ... HomeWork Board or Board of Education or Propeller Board etc...
           or Arduino or Beagle or Rasberry Pi etc... µController board ...
      c.  Add a Battery;  9V Radio or R/C 4-cell or 2-cell LiPo pack 2SXXXmAh  you can fit a really big LiPo pack in these robots.

4.  Go have fun!

Step 1: Installing the RoboGuts ...

The RoboGuts setup I'm using is a cheap old used PC Speaker, a LM386 Audio Amplifier Module, HomeWork Board, eMic2 Speech Synthesizer, PING Distance Measuring UltraSonic Sensor, 9V Radio Battery, tiny Power Switch.  

You can see the essentials placement in the attached photo ... 

There are some small blocks surrounding the PC Speaker so you just hot-glue from the block to the speaker frame in a few spots to hold the speaker in place.

I also hot-glued the little LM386 Audio Amplifier Module behind the speaker up against the back wall easy enough, I used "School Glue" to glue the PING Distance Measuring UltraSonic Sensor in place and the rest is just piled up under the wires with the bottom plate holding them in place.  

Step 2: The Software ...

Using PBASIC and two demo programs from I combined the PING Demo with the eMic Demo with ever so slight modifications to drive the wheels backwards after speaking a couple of modified sentences.  

This is the easy way to get a fun little toy going;  

Now take a peek at the kits online ... there are several lined up for printing on my 3D Printer (Sponsor Needed Here)  

Get a kit and share your RoboGuts solution ... if you send it to me I will review it for posting on my site;

C.U.L8er ... SolidWorksMagi ... 

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