Introduction: Assistive Technology Adhesive Picker Upper Device

This device is designed to pick up small objects (coins, credit cards, tea bags, papers) by an adhesive mechanism from a sitting or standing position. The device is manual, but is designed for ease of operation for someone with limited hand strength and dexterity and low vision. The device was originally invented as as assistive technology for a client with spinal and balance problems who was unable to bend down to pick up objects.

Here is a link to the Youtube video demonstrating the product:

Step 1: Remove the Section of TheFitLife Cane Closest to the Handle (unscrew)

Step 2: Drill a Hole in the End of the Cane

Step 3: Cut Off the Adhesive End of the TeleStik Model. Cut So That 2cm of Metal Rod Are Left Attached to the End.

Step 4: Glue the Metal Rod From This Adhesive End Into the Drilled Hole of the Bottom of the Cane

Step 5: Remove the Yellow Safety Attachments in Between Segments of Cane

Step 6: Remove the Black Stoppers in Between Segments of Cane

Step 7: Cut Off the Handle From TheFitLife Model and Glue It Onto the Last Remaining Section of the Cane

Step 8: Accessorize: Add the Laser Cut Hand Grip to the Cap, Add Velcro and Tape to the Device, Glue on the Securing Strap.

Note: The .ai file is the laser cutting file to make the cap grip. It is a circle of diameter 1.68 in inside a circle of diameter 2.46 in