Introduction: Asterisks' Sky Christmas Card

A very easy way to create an unique, funny and original Christmas card, even if you don't know how to use water colours.

I give you clues for professional work and great details... just try it and you will get surprised with the final result. Take experience and create your own designs!

Pictures of your work are welcome!

SAFETY ADVICE: This instructable use sharp tools. Be careful about it. If you are not sure how to use them, don't continue. For kids, it is MANDATORY adult supervision and help.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You need:

1 - Sheet of paper/cardstock for water colours (better rough grain).
2 - Water colours.
3 - Two paintbrushs (thin and thick).
4 - Glass of water.
5 - Rule, cutter and cutting mat.
6 - Tissue.

Step 2: Cutting the Sheet

First, take the measures of the envelope you are going to use.

Before cutting the sheet, score the middle with the non-cutting edge of the cutter and then fold it.

Then, cut the edges in order to make them equal. Take care for straight angles.

Save big rests of sheet, so you can do colours test then.

Step 3: Painting Sky

For painting sky, use the thick paintbrush and choose blue colour. First take very little water and test it.

Then take more water and colour and apply to a part of the card, and quickly apply the tissue to absorb part of the water colour. You will notice the colour is fading, but don't worry.

Repeat the process with light, dark blue and purple (or your favourite combination of colours). Before applying a new colour, you can add water to sheet for cloudy effect.

While the paint remains wet you can modify it, and correct it adding water and using the tissue. Then let it dry up completely before continue.

Pay attention to this clues:
  • Do not fill the entire surface: leave blank zones among brushstrokes.
  • Do not get to borders: leave blank border all around the card too.
  • Do not move the tissue over the paint: just hit and separate it carefully.
  • If the paper is so absorbent, work in small zones.
  • Do not try to correct colour when it is completely dry.

Step 4: Adding Stars

For stars, use the thin paintbrush. Choose a maroon colour and test it again.

Put asteriks regularlly or randomly as you prefer. Each time, use the tissue quickly.

Obtain a pale maroon with the thick paintbrush and blur each asterisk painting a circle on it.

Step 5: Finishing Details

Now open the card, and paint a little sky with three asterisks in a corner. You can do the same in the envelope, but take care about the quantity of water that kind of paper can resist.

Finally, put some heavy books on the card for a couple of hours to roll and dry.

Congratulations, you have got your first Asterisks' Sky Christmas card! Umm, don't forget to sign it...

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