Astronaut Among Us Night / Task Light

Introduction: Astronaut Among Us Night / Task Light

well for starters you need to find some night light or reading light or something like that. i keep it small because the larger you go the bigger the print would have to be.

i found these small reading lights that seemed perfect for it.

i already had a 3d model for the among us from previous prints that i did for some friends.

all i had to do was deconstruct the light, make measurements and change y 3d model.

Step 1: Make the 3d Model

the new 3d model had to have very low overhangs so it would 3d print all at once without using supports.

the supports added some weird textures that didnt look good.

the model would have to 3d print all at once and with the least amount of distortions. it would have to 3d print with one single wall to allow the light through.

also since i really like the bendi metal stand i wanted to keep it and use it on the light. it gave the apearence of it floating in space once you turn off al the lights

the 3d model would also have to have a bracket that supports the light and the among us guy in place.

you can see the support on the last two picture

Step 2: Crazy Glue the LEDs in Place

used some crazy glue and VOILA you have an among us night light

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