Introduction: Asus Tinker First Start

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First view installation and hints

You need TinkerOS_Debian V1.4 from Asus site:

An Asus Tinker

A micro SD Card

A Power supply

you find a German Version here:

Step 1: Bring Image to Micro SD and Use Bluetooth Keyboard

Use the heat sink! Asus Tinker runs really hot!

Bring the Image with Win32 Disk imager to the micro SD card

It is a simple "Asus" Debian Jessie. (TinkerOS Debian)

SSH is active after boot and user pass is "linaro"

You have to activate WLAN from hand

Lets try it out!

Step 2: Desktop and Activate WLAN

You are welcome with a "blue" Screen and you not need to type a password in.

You can put a Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse Combo device in, it works immediately

For example Logitech: K400r

If you press on the spinning top lower right you can setup your WLAN.

just choose your SSID and type in your key.

For Internet you can use the Chromium Web-browser.

Step 3:

For 4K Videos you need a Ethernet connection.

CPU and GPU are working hard for show these Videos.

You find example videos on youtube.

You can do:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo apt-get install mc

sudo apt-get install nano

for updates and basic software

sudo apt-get install kodi *

Kodi is in sound and media, but not working yet. I hope Asus make a Version soon.

Some hints:

Settings are in Preferences

For start on console and not to desktop you can use in a terminal

"sudo systemctl set-default"

Do not forget user and pass are "linaro"

with passwd you can change it

Have fun with you new Asus Tinker