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Introduction: Atloids Halloween Scare Kit

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Have you ever been sitting in class, at work, or somewhere else with a friend around Halloween, just wishing you could scare them. If only you had a pocket sized scare kit as big Altoids tin. Well, today I am going to show you how to make a pocket sized Halloween scare kit to prank your friends, foes, or acquaintances with!

Step 1: What You Need

What you need:

*All of these items must fit in the tin besides the sharpie*
  • Guaze
  • Altoids tin
  • Red Sharpie or Fake blood (marker or paint will do.* Fake blood is recommended*)
  • Barbecue skewer
  • Knife (The older and more used the better)
  • Small flashlight
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Pencil (Charcoal pencil is best)
  • Small bag (optional)

Step 2: Optional Altoids Cover

To make my Altoids tin more "Halloweeny" I decided to sand the paint off on the front, then steel wool it so I could make a custom Halloween design. This part is optional, but I would suggest doing it because you can then identify your scare kit without opening your many Altoids projects (If you are an Altoids tin fan like me). The only downside of this is that it takes a while to get the paint off then polish your tin with steel wool.

Step 3: Wrist Bandage

Wrist Bandage:
  • Begin by cutting a piece of gauze large enough to tie around your wrist.
  • If you do not like blood then skip this step, Take your Sharpie/fake blood and draw in what you believe is fair amount of blood for your "cut."
  • Fold your wrist bandage small enough to fit in the Altoids tin and lay it in the bottom.

  • Wrap around your wrist and scream, while a friend sits near.
  • Go up to a person and complain about your "Small pain in my wrist"
  • Put on a friend while they are sleeping. Then, wake them up frantically, acting like something is wrong.

Step 4: Bloody Knife

Bloody Knife:
  • Take your old knife (The older the better).
  • Scrape it up a little to make it look old and heavily used.
  • I did not try this but strike it against a rock or something hard to dent the blade (Assuming you will not be using this knife anymore).
  • Now, take you Sharpie/fake blood and draw blood on the knife.
  • Put your finished product on top of the "Wrist bandage" in the tin.
  • Tip: Rust makes the knife look older and more used.

  • Run up to a friend holding your knife.
  • Lay the knife on someone's desk.
  • Combine with your "Wrist bandage" to really freak friends out.

Step 5: Spooky Note

Spooky note:
  • Take a small piece of paper and burn the sides and corners of it to make it look old and scary (BE CAREFUL!)
  • Use your pencil to write a scary note (A charcoal pencil looks the best in my opinion).
  • This next effect is very cool if you're not afraid to get you hands a little dirty. Take a red sharpie and color your fingers quickly before the ink completely dries, then, press your fingers on the note to achieve a scary, bloody hands effect.
  • After this is done, crinkle your paper a bit to make it look older.
  • Once finished, fold the note and place it in your Altoids tin in the order seen below.

  • Place ON a friend's desk, bed, car, or other item often visited by that person.
  • Place IN a friend's lunchbox, drawer, purse, computer bag, or another often visited item.
  • If you are really sneaky, Place in a friend's pocket to really scare them.

Step 6: Bloody Skewer

Bloody Skewer:
  • Take your barbecue skewer and cut it down to a length so it fits in your Altoids tin.
  • Use your Sharpie/fake blood to color blood on the skewer.
  • Place in the front of the container, like the picture below.

  • Pair with the "Wrist bandage."
  • Run up to your friends screaming with the skewer, knife and bandage.
  • Fake stab another friend and get them to play along with it, while others observe.

Step 7: Ghost Cloth

Ghost Cloth:
  • Take a Piece of gauze and cut it down to roughly the size of your palm, if you have small/big hands a little bigger/smaller.
  • I like to rip the cloth to make it seem as if it were ripped right off of a ghost, so Cut a small slit in the cloth like picture #2 then rip it the rest of the way to make it look like picture #3.
  • Continue to do this all different ways until you are happy with what you see.
  • You can also add holes to the cloth to make it seem older and scarier.
  • I like to put the cloth in a small bag to make it seem "Crime scene official."
  • Tip: To make it seem real, type a fake "Certificate of Authenticity"
  • Place this on top of all of the other items in the Altoids tin.

  • Place on/in a friend's desk, bed, purse, bag, or other personal belonging.
  • Brag about how you courageously ripped a piece of the ghosts wardrobe off.
  • Explain to your friends that you saw a ghost and this is your evidence.

Step 8: Flashlight

  • This one is simple, Find a really small flashlight.
  • Put the flashlight in your Altoids tin.

  • Classic campfire story telling.
  • Convince your friends to go on a "Ghost hunt" at night, then bust out the rest of your scare kit items.

Step 9: Screw/Nail Through...

Screw/Nail Through:
  • Find two small magnets and a screw or nail.
  • Cut the nail or screw in half using a hack saw.
  • Place the magnets on the nail or screw and stick it to the top of the Altoids tin on the inside.

  • Put one magnet on the inside of your cheek, lip, or nose and the other magnet on the other side of your cheek, lip, or nose so they stick. Then, put the screw or nail in the outside so it appears the screw or nail is piercing you.
  • This is hard to accomplish, but, Do "Use #1" to a friend while they are dozed off.
  • If you have powerful magnets you can make the object appear that it is piercing through your hand.

Step 10: Head Bandage

Head Bandage:
  • This can get tricky, cut a piece of gauze to the maximum length it can go and have it still fit in the tin.
  • Once that is accomplished you can add a blood spot much like you did for the "Wrist bandage."
  • Fold the Gauze carefully and tightly so they can be placed on top of all of the other scare kit items in your Altoids tin.

  • Wrap around your head.
  • Use the knife or the skewer and get a friend to fake stab you in the head, while another person or people watch.
  • Pair with the flashlight to tell a scary story about how you got the "injury."

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