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Introduction: Atom-inspired Necklace

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We may never be able to touch atoms but we can surely make models of them. This necklace is just inspired of atoms though this is not the most defined form( it doesn't have electrons circling around the nucleus) P.S. In reality, electrons don't circle atoms so there are no orbits around the nucleus.

Step 1: Preparation

Prepare the following:

  1. a flat marble (any color)
  2. a silver coin (can be bigger than the marble)
  3. 3 twisted wires with the same length (should be oval, both ends must meet at the center)(no exact measurement)
  4. long piece of string (make sure it is long enough to fit in your head)

Step 2: Making the Center of the Necklace P. 1

  • Glue the flat marble to the coin.
    • You can use anything to glue the two but using glue gun is more preferable.

Step 3: Making the Center of the Necklace P. 2

  • Just push the wires toward the center in which the marble and the coin is glued together.
  • Assemble the wires in the proper way of how the atom rings look like.
  • You can add glue to the side of the marble.

Step 4: Final Touch

  • Paste the string at the back of the coin.

Step 5: Finish Product

You now have an atom-inspired necklace!

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5 years ago

Cool! What kind of wire is it?


Reply 5 years ago

Sorry for the late reply. I only used an old G.I. wire but of course you can use any wire available.


5 years ago

I like it, cute and simple design :)