Introduction: Atta Chicken

A great Indian Recipe to have a fabulos chicken . This Chicken Can be fresh for 15 days if refrigrated and if not it stays good for 3 days so can cook and send to loving once.

Step 1: Cleaning

clean tge whole chickeb from inside out , removing all internal organs

Step 2: Preparing Marination

Take a 1bowl of hung curd
Put 3 spoon of garlic paste
1 spoon red chille powder
2spoon choriander powder
2 spoon onion paste
Heat 1red capsicum cover atove and remove skin from it and make fine paste and add it to the Marination
Add 2 spoon almond,cashew nut and wallnut pate .
Add a spoon full of desi ghee
Add some finely chopped fresh choriander
NOTE:Can also add some mint if need some more freshness

Step 3: Making Dough to Cover Chicken

Take 1/2 bowl of multigrainflour
Put warm water and make a dough.
It would be a flavor less one just to wrap chicken .(dough would be bit hard)
It will create a pressure over chicken and so all spices will fuse deep inside the chicken .

Step 4: Organizing and Cooking

Apply the Marination over the chicken
Put a hand full of almonds inside the cavity of chicken
Put 3-4 cloves of garlic inside cavity
Now cover the chicken with a muslin cloth
Over theuslin cloth put the layer of dough covering the whole chicken the layer of dough must be thick upto 2cm thick

Step 5: Tandoor

Take the whole chicken and put it over the coal inside the preheated tandoor .
It takes 2hrs. to cook inside the tandoor
And when to eat heat it once again in tandoor.

Step 6: Eat an Enjoy

Break open the cover of dough over the chicjen and enjoy the delicious meal

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