Introduction: Attach Any Device With GoPro Accessories

In this instructable we will see how to attach anything with a simple modification of GoPro accessories.

I'm using this method to attach my phone on the handle of my bike, but you can also, for example, use it a GPS car mount with a suction cup. The possibilities are endless.

Step 1: Part List

For this, you will need:

GoPro Accessories

  • A flat adhesive mount
  • A mounting buckle

  • A handlebar mount


  • A 5mm carriage bolts 50mm long
  • A washer
  • Some scrap wood
  • A phone case

Step 2: Making the Thumb Screw

First of all, you need to remove the nut in the mount. Use the bold to push it out.Then you can make the thumb screw.

To do so, I cut two small 20 mm plywood squares with a 5mm hole in the center, put it on the bolt and secured it with a nut. I then turned it on the drill press. I don't have any picture of this, but it is the same process as in this video of Jack Houweling which is pretty clear. Thanks to him.

You need to make sure the naked part of the bolt is 25mm long! So that it can grab the nut when you will assemble it.

Step 3: Assembly

It is now that the magic happens.

Connect the 3 legged sides of the mount, one with a nut, and one without. You can now use your DIY thumb screw that is just the right length and tighten those two parts.

Stick an adhesive plate to the back of your phone case and you will then be able to fix your device wherever you want!