Attachable Table Cubby

Introduction: Attachable Table Cubby

We wanted our classroom to have an easier way of storing and turning in our Design and Engineering Notebook projects.


Foam core

five 8" x 8"

three 2" x 10"


24 pins

Table saw/scissors/exacto knife


Step 1: Measure Out Your Foam Core

Grab a sharpie or pen

Three 2" x 8"

Five 8" x 8"

Step 2: Use a Dremel Moto Saw to Cut Your Final Measurements.

If you don't have a dremel moto saw that's ok, you can use scissors or an exacto knife.

Step 3: Pin Your Box Together

Pins are about 1.30"

Step 4: Slide in the Dividers and Pin Them to the Box

Step 5: Zip Tie the Box

For this step we found that the type of foam core we used have these square holes in them, which made it easier to secure a string/wire/zip tie around the box.

If you want to use zip ties here's what you do:

Get five zip ties (for us it took five to get around the pole of the table)

Connect zip ties together

Stick each zip tie on both sides of the box through the small square holes.

Ours had three zip tie attachments.

Step 6: Create a Base Underneath Your Box

We used a different kind of foam core when creating our base.

The sheet was a lot more thicker than our box.

The front part should be 4" high, covering the lower half of the box.

Don't fully cut this foam core, it just makes the construction process easier to bend it, rather than fully cutting through.

Side walls should be 2" x 9.5"

Hole should be 2" x 3.5"

Step 7: Create a Hole in the Base

Hole is 2" x 3.5"

Step 8: Congratulations Man, You're Cool!

Step 9: Here Were Our Prototypes

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    These little cubbies look good. I like the clever use of the T pins!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks man, originally we used glue but the pins worked way better.