Introduction: Attiny85 Music Visualizer

About: I am an electronics degree student and also an arduino developer

I have made a music visualizer with an attiny 85microcontroller.It is very easy to make one of this if u can collect some very cheap components.The length of the tower can be increased by adding additional leds and shift registers.

componets required

1) Attiny85 or digispark

2) Strip led x8(different colours)

3) pvc pipe (40 cm)

4)lm317 (if using attiny85)

5)shift register 74hc595

6)uln2803 IC


Step 1: Make the Circuit

Before making the circuit stick leds to the pvc pipe at equal interval of length.Make a circuit board as shown in the circuit diagram.make it small as possible because it should fit inside the small base.see in the image attached.find a base which looks goods and also suitable for fixing the pipe and circuit board inside.Dont worry if u cant something good you can use a bottle as shown in the picture it will be perfect.

after everything's ready upload the code given can make it more better by adding a microphone module to the circuit.for more info watch my vedio in the youtube channel,also dont forget to subscribe

full vedio:-