Introduction: Audio Book Reader - Tobabp Boom Box

The idea here is to create a super-easy-to-use mp3 player for my nearly blind father to enjoy his audiobooks.

Step 1: Raspberry PI and Peripherials

After searching the web I found "The One Button Audio Book Player", a Raspberry PI project using one button, one led and the Music Player Daemon software. Check out:

Step 2: Integration

The features desired are:

Easy to use:

One button for play/pause and restart previous track;

"One pixel monochromatic display";

Minimum additional work on the donor equipment:

Lazy installation of an old usb phone charger (stealing 110V from the same mains input cord);

Removal of tape player and connection of phone jack to audio outputs;

Step 3: First Tests

Botton used was "Play" converted to momentary switch.

Led hole drilled on front panel and glued in place.

Step 4: Final Tweaks

Last steps involved adjusting audio output volume (80% in my case).

Headphone output from the Raspberry PI was connected to tape preamp output.

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