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Introduction: Audio Cinch Switch

Hello and Welcome to my first Instructables!

As I´m not a native speaker, please excuse my language :/

I have a stereo-system with just only cinch input. My problem was, that I have two inputs, so I had to reconnect them every time I changed the source. It was very annoying and I found a way how to figure this problem out.

Have fun!

Step 1: Choosing the Right Items

Here are all the Items you need for this project:

  • small black box
  • 4 pole switch (you can also use a 2-pole switch, but I found just this one)
  • cinch socket(s)
    • I bought one single and a dual cinch socket. The one for the Output and the dual for the Input.

And here are all the tools you (may) need for this project:

  • drill
  • soldering iron
  • file
  • some wires

If you have all your tools, lets go ahead to the next step!

Step 2: Assemble the Parts Together

Next, I took a drill, and drilled the holes.

The simplest way to do this is to copy the sockets in the copier, and drill the holes like they are on the printing.

At the end I took a file and softed the edges of the holes a little bit, so they look better.

I also drilled a hole for the switch. Be careful when you drill the hole of the switch, because the lower part of the switch is a little bit bigger than you can think. When I drilled all the holes I washed the box, so all the dust will be gone.

Go and find your soledring iron and some wires, you will need them!

(I advise you to not give the sockets and the switch inside of the box, we´ll do it later. )

Step 3: Connect the Wires

This step is easy, don´t be afraid of it.

At first you can connect all the ground connections together. They dont need to be switched.

Secondly, connect the R+ and L+ of the first source to the switch. (R+ = Right Positive, L+ = Left Positive)

Then do the same with the second source. Connect the second R+ and L+ also to the switch.

The last step is to connect the "output" of the switch to the main socket output.

If you have all the connections, you can go ahead to the next step.

Step 4: Finishing..

So if you reading this, you are almost done.

Just put the sockets and the switch into the box. Attach the socket and the switch to the box with some glue. If you do so, the sockets will not be "pushed in."

At least, attach the back cover of your box, and viola! You created your DIY audio cinch switch!

If you liked my (first) project, please leave a comment, and/or hit the Like button!

And if you need such a thing, grab your wallet, and go and buy your parts for the assembly!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely done!

    Great first instructable. Keep it up!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you, and YES! I have more projects in my mind, so stay tuned! ;)


    7 years ago

    Looks great, clean and functional, for us north American folks cinch = RCA.
    Good job


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you very much! :) and thanks for the info ;)