Introduction: Audio Out Hack for Bluetooth Headphones

Hello guys, this is my first instructable, so first I'd like to apologize for any mistakes I make. I rescently bought a Marvo bluetooth heatset. I also have a car audio setup in mu room with an AUX input, but it has no bluetooth. So I thought of a way to get audio of my headphone to that setup. This is how I did that

Step 1: Disassemble the Headphone

First you need to remove the rubber covering over the speaker with those control buttons. It should be Left ear. In mine, it was left.

Then remove that black plastic circle which held the rubber pad. You can use a flat screwdriver to release the locks and remove it.

Then you'll see those four screws, remove then also and uncover the circuit board.

Step 2: Identifying the Circuit Board

You'll see a 4-core wire is connecting the circuit boadr to the other ear piece. Two of the wires go to the battery and the other two to the speaker on the other side ear piece.

Step 3: Soldering Wires and Female Audio Port

You have to solder 3 wires as I have described in the photos, from audio ground, left out and right out. Then you'll need to solder them to the female audio port according to the diagram.

You can identify which pins correspond to the left, right and ground using your male audio cable and a multi meter by checking continuity.

Step 4: Finishing Up!

So that's it and you can reassemble all as it was. the you can use your headphone normally, and now you have an audio out! This could be fed to your setup's aux in or you can plug in another earphone or a headphone to this. Enjoy!!