Introduction: Audio Splitter

A portable audio splitter for those who havn't got an MP3, based on a small amplifier. All inside a 100ml bottle.

Step 1: Parts

The parts you will need:
- 100ml bottle
- wired up stereo 3mm jack plug
- two exposed stereo 3mm jack socket
- an amplifier circuit; I've got mine from [ here]
- two 3V batteries
- on\off switch
- and some wires

Step 2: Cut the Bottle

Cut the the bottle to two halfs, the drill two holes of 0.75 cm above and below the cut.
Then drill another hole nearby the end of the bottle for the switch and drill as 1cm hole in the bottle plug.
all as sown in the image-

Step 3: Wire It Up

As you have seen, the circuit has 7 wires comes out of him:
- 1 through the switch to the batteries (+)
- 1 to the batteries (-)
- 3 wired to the male audio plug (left input, right input, ground input)
- Each one of the last 3 wires splits to 2 wires, and each group of 3 wires wired to a jack socket (left output, right output, ground output)*2

when you wire the input wires you should first pass the wires through the hole in the bottle's plug and through the bottle and then make some knot; as seen in the pictures.

Step 4: Get It All In

First, screw the switch and the jack sockets in their places as shown. Than insert the circuit and the batteries and finally attach the two halfes of the bottle.

Step 5: Improvements

Adding volume switchs
For that I will need a dual log type potentiometer of 47K, and I need to find this somewhere.