Really Simple Audio Switch (2 Inputs, 1 Output)




Introduction: Really Simple Audio Switch (2 Inputs, 1 Output)

This is a project developed during our "Taller de Inventos" (AKA August Build Night), sponsored by Instructables and Jameco, that provided some of the components for this instructable.

It's a case that holds an audio input and two outputs, enabling you to choose the audio source for your amplifier or speakers.

Here's a video of the switch

It’s a really simple and nifty hack that we wanted to share :)


x1 DPDT Toggle Switch on-on 2 way
x3 3.5mm jack PCB stereo
x6 Cables (5cm each)
A box or container for your switch
Glue (of a powerful kind ;) )

Soldering iron
“Helping Hand” holder for soldering [Optional]
Dremel or regular drill

This part is up to your imagination. We used a small wooden box that we had lying around.

Step 1: Find a Case for Your Audio Switch

The first step of this instructable is finding a small box for repurposing as the audio switch.

Some suggestions are:
- Altoids box
- Small wooden box for jewelry
- A cassette tape box
- A metal cigarette case

Step 2: Soldering the Components

Once you’ve settled with a box or case, solder the jacks to the switch according to the diagram.

Step 3: Preparing the Case

Now you’ve got both the case and the circuit, it’s time for everything to fit in nicely together.

Drill the necessary holes on your box for the jacks and the toggle switch. Put every component on its place and, if necessary, glue them to the case.

This isn’t a rigid instructable, so make sure you design your switch as imaginatively as possible :)

Watch a video of it working!

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Question 1 year ago on Step 1

I am fabricating a rudimentary electronic ignition for an engine that has two spark plugs per cylinder. Current design calls for the two different modules that will drive the two different ignition coils to receive a signal (sign wave) from one of 3 different crankshaft sensors (CKP - variable reluctance sensors) that will result, based on sensor selected, 3 different levels of ignition advance. There will be a total of 6 sensors - 3 for each ignition module-ignition coil circuit, separate and independent from the other 3 sensors. It is important that the control modules not receive 2 signals simultaneously. The safe approach would be a robust toggle switch that would have 2 independent circuits that would be an on/on/on profile, which would be a minimum of 8 contacts, 4 for each independent circuit. That's 3 inputs (toggle selectable) and a single output. Does such a switch exist - I assume so, this doesn't sound terrible groundbreaking? If necessary, I can use a separate switch for each of the separate circuits.


Question 5 years ago on Step 2

Hi. I’m following your switch diagram but since I have a “mono” set up, can you provide a diagram for making a 2 input 1 output mono setup? I’m confused as to how to wire it . Thanks!


Answer 4 years ago

Using the same components? You just have to remove the green OR the red wires in the schematic.


8 years ago on Introduction

Just made one! Thanks for the instructable. I used an on/off/on switch so I've got an off too!


Reply 7 years ago

Good idea :)