Introduction: Audiono Smart Car Instructions

For building the Audiono Smart Car you will need the following material/supplies:

- 2 x motors (yours will have soldered black and red wires on them)

- 2 x large yellow wheels and tyres - free-rotating castor wheel

- Battery pack (4 x AA batteries)

- Arduino Uno (clone)

- Motor shield

- Switch

- Screws, bolts, nuts and spacers

- Various Wires

- 1594 USB cable to A/B port (blue cable)

- 1x ultrasonic sensor - 1x servo unit with wiring

- Plastic servo connectors

Step 1: Check You Have All the Materials That You Need.

Step 2: Place the 1 Acrylic Bracket Into the Side Slit in the Acrylic Frame. Then Place the Motor Next to It on the Outside and Place Another Acrylic Bracket on the Other Side.

Step 3: Once You Have Done That Place 2 Long Screws Through the Holes That Line Up and Add a Bolt at the Other End and Tighten With a Screwdriver.

Step 4: Then Repeat Steps 2 and 3 on the Opposite Side.

Step 5: Then Add the Sensor Spindles and Slide Them Onto the White Parts of the on the Inside Part of the Motor.

Step 6: Then Grab Your Switch and Attach It Through the Back of the Plastic Frame and in the Hole in the Middle.

Step 7: Then Spin the Acrylic Frame Back Around and Place the Free-rotating Castor Wheel at the Back of the Frame in the Middle So That It Lines Up With the 4 Holes in a Square.

Step 8: Next, You Want to Grab 4 Small Gold Cylinder-like Things and Place Them Under the Free-rotating Castor Wheel in Line With the Four Holes.

Step 9: Then Get 4 Small Screws and Screw Them Into the Four Corners of the Free-rotating Caster Wheel So It Goes Through the Gold Things and Is Secured to the Frame.

Step 10: Then Get Your Large Yellow Wheels and Link the Wheel to the White Part on the Outside of the Motor, Do This on Both Sides.

Step 11: Then Grab Your Black Battery Pack and Place It on the Back of the Acrylic Frame in the Centre Under the Switch.

Step 12: Get 2 Small Screws and Put Them in the Holes on Either Side of the Battery Pack and Fasten With a Screwdriver.

Step 13: Then Get 2 Nuts and Secure the Small Screws on the Other Flip Side of the Frame.

Step 14: Once You Have Done That You Will Place the Wires Like in the Diagram Provided and Peel Off the Paper on the Frame.

Step 15: Once That Is Done You Get Your Double a Batteries and Place One in Each Slot of the Battery Pack, Flip the Switch and You Have the Base of Your Car.

Step 16: Once You Have Assembled the Car Follow the Wiring Diagram to Assemble the Wires to the Car.