Introduction: Augmented Mirror

It mirrors your motion; the augmented mirror utilises a drawing machine and a distance sensor, adapts a given geometry to its sensor input and is mirroring your motion on a piece of a paper.

Step 1: The Story

Since the state of the art of 2D or 3D scanning and printing is working so well nowadays but has no flair anymore. We thought about how we can give machines back the spirits of the artist as Bob Ross.

An Artist with infinite creativity and always an "eye" for his audience around the globe! The eye we've reinterpreted in a sensor and merged the world of machines with the spirit of Bob Ross!

Step 2: Parts

Electronic Components:

(1) Arduino UNO

(2) Stepper motor

(2) A4988 Motor-Driver

(1) Micro Servo 99 S6 90

(1) Timing Belt 5 mm

(1) Bore Pulleys 5 mm

(1) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Hardware components:

100 * 70 cm plate (or you can also hang it from the wall)

DIN A 3 Paper or any other size of paper. Pen Weights for adjusting the timing belts and the pen-mounting.

Step 3: Mechanism-

When we started the project, we first mounted the two stepper motors and synchronized them in a way that the pen-holder was moving correctly. The pen-holder itself was a 3d printed highly customized and well-balanced part. So please feel free to use the STL. file to replicate it;) The synchronization of the two stepper motors was tested run by drawing different geometries starting with a straight line, later a diamond shape and finally a circle. Well, the circle was not perfectly working out, but it's for sure possible;) At the end we embedded the distance sensor in our system. The sensor takes a predefined geometry like a diamond shape and transforms it according to your distance from the drawing board. Which transforms it to a damn augmented mirror.

The 3d files are attached,so you can 3d print them and if there would be any problem let us know!

Step 4: Electronic Assembly

The connection and assembling process are shown in the diagram.

Step 5: Digital Setup/Source Code

Step 6: Contact Us!

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